We are so excited to invite you to The Sovereign Sisterhood Retreat at Studio Flora Seattle, on January 12th & 13th, 2019!

Do something inspiring and totally new for yourself to kick off the New Year.  Studio Flora Seattle is incredibly honored to host this ground breaking urban women's retreat! 


Winter is a time to turn inward and tune in. But there is also something profound about gathering together in the darkest days of the year that resonates on an ancient level.  Using a variety of modalities and experiences, including yoga, workshops, visualization, guided meditation, ceremony, sound bath, journaling, shared meals and more, come together with inspirational guides & kindred women to set powerful intentions for 2019. 


See details and schedule below for more information. Click here to register. Scroll down for Event.

Join us! Give yourself the gift of sovereign sisterhood.


Sovereign Sisterhood retreats are accessible urban gatherings dedicated to women of all ages: to explore ways to empower ourselves to live our best lives, and to create a kindred community of friends & mentors. Sovereign: (adj.) powerful, regal, boundless, free.

Details & Fine Print

  • Jan 12th 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm & Jan 13th 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.

  • Location: Studio Flora, 1631 15th Ave W, #115, Seattle WA 98119.

  • Space for 13 women.

  • Women of all ages welcome, from teens on up. Multi age & mother/daughters encouraged!

  • Discounted price $275 for full weekend Saturday & Sunday. Register here.

  • Saturday OR Sunday registration subject to availability if you have a conflict for the whole weekend. Email us for details.

  • Register by December 31st for a free E gift: Sovereign Sisterhood Preparatory Journal: 11 days of activities and journaling prompts to make the most of the retreat.

  • Registration Deadline is January 7th.

  • If you register and life gets in the way, we are happy to refund 100% if we are able to fill your spot. If not, you are welcome to apply your registration fee to future retreats or events.

Schedule Sneak Peek*


Saturday, January 12th, 2019
1 pm – 7 pm

Opening Yoga & Intention Exploration. Move through a group vinyasa flow, wake up to possible intentions for the weekend. Build warmth & become present. Begin to tap into group energy & intuition.


Delve, Prioritize, Personalize.  RN & Medical Intuitive Caitlin Jarvis will guide us to tune in to where we are now, using a holistic health assessment exercise, intuition and more.  Explore ideas to prioritize overall well being.  Choose from an array of tools to begin to personalize a plan to work toward sustainable growth and change.

Visualize, Rebalance, Restore: Herbalist Natalie Hammerquist takes us on a short visualization/somatic exercise to communicate with our bodies.  Connect with major organs & deepen understanding of what imbalance actually means and how the world affects us on a physical level.  Dig into  gentle herbs that we can use to rebalance and restore.

Redefine, Empower.  Bodywisdom Coach Emerald Niakan accompanies us on a deep dive into relationship with food, with an invitation to take a fresh perspective for meaningful change.

Intentional Nourishment – Fresh local Artesian spring water & organic herbal tea bar available all day. Organic family style dinner party, including herbal elixir “bar”.

Sunday, January 13th   2019
10 am – 3 pm




Sisterhood Circle:  Tia Tuenge of Art of Sacred Living and Sacred Woman Retreats takes us on a journey into the magic of a women’s circle. Create sacred space, engage in exploration into what it means to be a Sovereign being, experience heart opening ritual, plant medicine & guided meditation to set intention. Crystalize intentions & goals through activities of journaling & intention candles. And more!

Intentional Nourishment:  Organic homemade lunch served in Circle. Fresh local Artesian well water & organic herbal tea bar available all day.


Seal Your Intention: Restorative closing yoga practice with Shamanic sound bath.  Embody the ideas, inspirations and intentions you want to internalize through movement and sound.


Special Surprises:  Your guides have collaborated to give all Sisters special gifts designed to support your 2019 journey at the close of the weekend! 

*Feel free to contact us with questions about content & schedule.  Food prepared with attention to common allergens but please make us aware of any allergies just to be sure. 

your Guides



Caitlin Jarvis, RN, Medical Intuitive, Holistic Health Coach

Caitlan always felt a calling towards helping others heal. She began as a registered nurse, working in one of the busiest hospitals in San Francisco and was able to incorporate not just her medical training, but also tune into her intuitive knowings ("gut feelings") to guide patients towards greater health. It was through her drive to bring a more balanced and fulfilled experience to her own life, that she sought out the tools to incorporate balance and authentic holistic wellness to her practice. This included the basics - healthy food, hydration, physical movement, sleep, and healthy relationships – and delved deeper into natural remedies, such as herbalism and energy work, and further developed her medical intuitive abilities. Caitlan uses her own powerful experiences, knowledge, and gifts to serve "professional helpers" and women in general so they too can bring balance and authentic wellness back into their lives. BS, MS Nursing, Doctorate of Nursing Practice. 

Emerald Niakan, Bodywisdom Coach, Yoga Teacher

Emerald believes there is innate wisdom held within our bodies. Trusting and living from the place of our body wisdom is the key to our unique healing and wellness. She believes healing the relationship we have to food and body is a vehicle for profound transformation. Emerald guides women who struggle in their relationship to food and body so they can make empowered choices to feel good in their body and take health back into their own hands. The healing journey she facilitates is based on cultivating loving-kindness and trust with our bodies, emotions and food. 

Kate Ryan, Shamanic Musician

Kate is a Shamanic musician and holds space for people to become vulnerable & love ourselves with fierce compassion. She believes that when we heal ourselves, we heal our family & ancestors. She is a certified Sound Healer, 200RYT Vinyasa teacher, Reiki attuned, and a blessed initiate of Peruvian Shipibo plant spirit practices. With 20 years of performance work focused on Ritual, trance practice and catharsis through narrative, Kate currently shares her practice through classes, workshops and self-care healing retreats.

Natalie Hammerquist, Herbalist

Natalie is an herbalist born and raised in the Seattle area. She studied herbalism, plant taxonomy and food science at the Evergreen State College, and then went on to study with renowned herbalist Cascade Anderson Geller in Portland, Oregon. Since her studies with Cascade, Natalie has studied with several herbalists and worked as the lead herbalist and bulk herb buyer at Rainbow Natural Remedies on Capitol Hill, until she left to found the Adiantum School of Plant Medicine. She integrates aspects of both Chinese medicine and Western herbalism into her holistic approach. Her areas of focus include physical assessment methods and bioregional plant ID.  As a teacher, Natalie is flexible, engaging and multi-sensory. She has extensive teaching experience, and is always looking for ways to keep things fresh and exciting.

Nicole Ashford, Co-Founder of Studio Flora, Yoga Teacher

Nicole is a lifelong student of nature, has an innate calling to bring people together, and an unquenchable curiosity about natural healing.  She co-founded Studio Flora with the idea of creating a safe and welcoming space for our community to expore, connect, and heal. She teaches Herbal Yoga at Studio Flora in a way that honors our connection to the plant world. Practice incorporates elements of the natural world into each class.  Using inspiration from individual plants, seasons, herbalism, nature, yoga philosophy and more, yoga practice becomes a portal to strengthening our connection to nature.  She also guides yoga class in the spirit of encouraging each student to listen to the intelligence of their bodies. RYT 200, BA, MBA.

Tia Tuenge, Multimedia Artist, Divine Feminine Scholar, Gatherer of Women  

Tia Tuenge is a devoted seeker, explorer of the infinite, gatherer of women, creator of sacred space, and scholar of ancient feminine history.   Tia has been hosting sacred gatherings and women’s circles for over a decade. She incorporates her love of the sacred feminine, Council, ceremony, drumming meditation/journeying, and her expertise in the secret history of women into the gatherings she hosts to create unique and magical experiences that uplift women and remind them of their sovereignty. She's a Council facilitator trained at the Ojai Foundation, has yin and restorative yoga training, has participated Priestess of the Moon training, and is an initiate of the Red Moon Mystery School. Tia hosts monthly gatherings for women and leads workshops and retreats celebrating sacred sisterhood. 




“I'm so glad I chose Caitlin as a health coach! I still can't get over the fact that working with her was so EASY. Don't get me wrong...the changes I chose to work on weren't easy; in fact, they were HUGE challenges for me. I was in a big rut before we started working together, and I wasn't sure how to get out of it.  But as Caitlin and I worked together, I was shocked by how I didn't have to struggle to make big (and little) changes in my life. 

Caitlin's intuition is spot on. She not only helped me make goals, but really listened to what would and wouldn't work for me, and helped me find practical, EASY, step-by-step ways to incorporate healthier habits into my life.  I went from drinking coffee and basically no water, to regularly drinking 64 oz. a day.  I had been eating out for lunch each day because I felt like I had little time to cook, but I started bringing healthy lunches to work and saved over $300 in the six weeks we worked together.  I'm a busy mom who works full time, and I'm NOT a morning person, and I ended up fitting in regular workouts and meditation into my schedule (without having to get up early!).  Nothing was forced.  Everything was my choice.  I felt no judgements for any shortcomings I may have had.  Caitlin's approach made me feel resilient and kept me working through challenges I met along the way.  

I also saw a number of unintended benefits: better sleep, more time for myself, more energy to play with my kid, and it wasn't even a goal, but I lost five pounds (again EASILY!)  Best of all, I feel like I gained skills and learned so much from Caitlin about healthy, practical ways to help myself in the future. If you're considering working with Caitlin, please do.  You really won't regret it!”  

- Anita G, Seattle



“Emerald is an angel of truth.  A listener so powerful she helps you step into your highest self, by mirroring what you already know deep within.  Without judgement, without fear, a love and light emanates from her wisdom that helps you grow.”

- Julia H, San Francisco




"Having little herbal experience I was quite nervous to start the foundations coarse at Adiantum. After my first class with Natalie I was certain I had made the right decision. I appreciate her balanced teaching approach including herbal theory, hands on projects, and foraging, making her style accessible to all types of learners and skill levels. I am forever grateful to Natalie for her knowledge and the friendships that where made possible at Adiantum. Her coarse has given me much more confidence in my plant identification and medicine making skills. I recommend it to anyone called to walk the herbal path."


- Carissa T, Seattle



“I always feel inspired and rejuvenated after an herbal yoga class at Studio Flora. Nicole Ashford prepares each class with an “herb friend” to help guide and inspire with intention setting. Her approach is welcoming and comes from a genuine desire for each student to take away from the class what feels good for them and what works for their individual bodies. Nicole’s Saturday morning class is a perfect way for me to unwind and get a new boost of energy after a busy week. She has a calm, encouraging voice that challenges me to commit to each stretch, and go deeper into my yoga practice. The herbal component is also genius! It has helped me to appreciate all the interesting facets and bounty of the herbs and plants around us in a new way — l love it! I began taking classes at Studio Flora two months ago. I have not missed a Saturday yet and do not intend to.” 


- Maria A, Seattle  


“I have been coming to Tia’s monthly Moon Lodges for a couple of years now.  It is a wonderful, supportive group of bright, strong, creative women. We come together as contemporary Goddesses gathering to acknowledge the divine and support each other in our daily endeavors and lifelong quests. Tia creates a magical, safe space for us to come together and she is incredibly knowledgeable and informative on the subjects of women’s divine nature and connection to the moon and its energies.”

– Sarah Martins, Los Angeles

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