STudio Flora Story

Our Mission  

We see the plant world as being a true ally of human health and well being.  Studio Flora was born out of a desire to create a magical space dedicated to cultivating this relationship between people and the plant world in a myriad of ways, in order to reach as many people as possible. We are all so incredibly busy, and it is easy to lose a sense of connection. This is a space where you can find that missing something.  A place to take a deep breath, open your mind, or learn something new.  To feel nourished, uplifted and inspired. To honor, connect and create. To celebrate in a special and unique way.


Elizabeth and Nicole met volunteering at their children's elementary school. As life moved on, we lost touch for a few years.  But as serendipity would have it, a mutual friend invited us to coffee and herbal sparks flew - we discovered we had been on a parallel path for a long time.  We share a mutual obsession for crafting handmade organic creations for family and friends.  We share a deep love of learning about the botanical world….racking up countless herbal online courses (both completed and not)!   And we both love to create space to bring people together.


An Idea   

Over the next year or so, we found ourselves so inspired every time we talked, nerding out over anything and everything botanical. We began to daydream about having our own space to develop and share our passions, create amazing events, and foster the talents and dreams of others who share our love for the plant world.  Once that door cracked open, the ideas continued to flow with endless possibilities.  Then an epiphany came to us:  we created really well together.  While our passions are the same, our style, approach, and individual strengths complemented each other because they are different.

Our Studio  

Long story short we took the leap of faith and opened Studio Flora. And we have been working non stop to create a beautiful space to share with you. Not only is Studio Flora the place where we formulate our artisan botanical products, it is also a space to make special connections:  take inspired classes and workshops from passionate teachers both new and seasoned, celebrate personal milestones, gather for meaningful events both personal and corporate, and participate in yoga classes that joyfully incorporate the healing elements of nature.   Whatever facet of Studio Flora speaks to you, we look forward to seeing you here! 

Elizabeth & Nicole

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